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Blosser & Associates is pleased to consult with clients to determine the best software for their needs.  Our expertise includes:


Quickbooks | Certified as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, we can assist in finding the correct application for your business and apply our discounts to help you save on softare costs.  For new businesses, we can also help you set up your books so they are correct from 'Day One'.

NewViews | All of our staff are well-trained and knowledgable on the NewViews accounting suite, and can assist you in managing your books.  We are also able to extract data and trends that you may not have realized was possible to assist you with your business decisions.

Cantax | We use the latest versions of Cantax for both personal and business tax returns, linking our systems to the CRA for electronic submission.

CaseWare | Financial Statements, Trial Balance & Adjusting Entries are all done using CaseWare so clients always receive financial statements that have been prepared professionally.