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Brian Blosser, CPA, CGA

A year after receiving his designation as a Certified General Accountant in 1985, Brian started his own business as a public practitioner in downtown Toronto. From a beginning with a few wonderful clients, he developed a business that has grown to include a multitude of small to medium size enterprises.

He identified NewViews as a dynamic accounting software. He became a Certified Consultant in 1987 and customized installations for many clients who needed solid accounting information to make wise business decisions.

As more staff members joined, he developed expertise in such areas as Canadian and US personal tax returns, corporate reorganization, advanced tax planning, trusts, estates and SR & ED tax credits.

From the start he has enjoyed real estate investment and management. His clients have included multi-million dollar real estate partnerships and corporations developing commercial and residential projects.

With many clients in the not-for-profit section, Brian has worked for large associations, societies and foundations. This includes expertise in charity tax returns and applications for charitable status.

Brian has also volunteered time to assist CGA Ontario. He has been part of the Student Experience Review process for more than ten years.

Corey Blosser, CPA, CGA

Corey started with Blosser & Associates in 1996 as a bookkeeper and worked with many small and medium sized businesses across many industries.  In 2000, one of those clients hired Corey full-time and he spent the next 10 years working in corporate finance.

Starting in 2001, Corey began to work as the financial accountant for Georgeson Shareholder, a New York firm operating a 432 seat Call Centre in Toronto.  Shortly after the company was acquired by Computershare, Corey moved to a production facility to fulfill the role of Financial Accountant for the Communication Services division.

In early 2005, Corey completed his studies and was inducted as a Certified General Accountant.  This professional designation led to a role as Finance Manager for Computershare Investor Services, the main operating division, representing a large portion of Canadian revenue for the Australian company.  As Computershare (CPU:AU) is a publicly traded entity, experience was gained in the financial reporting nuances for public companies, including a shift to IFRS in 2007.

Finally, Corey took a non-financial role with Computershare as the Manager, Product Strategy and Implementation where he developed electronic products to assist public companies shift from paper-based to electronic communications, and leading the integration of acquisitions.  Following this role, he decided to return to public accounting to allow him to focus on a multiple projects.

The experience gained from working at many different levels (from company's with revenues of $25,000 to over $250 million in revenue per year), reporting requirements (sole proprietorship to public), and softwares (NewViews, QuickBooks, SAGE, Hyperion) helps Corey to bring a variety of perspectives to clients.

Robert Hou

Robert joined the firm in 2005 as an accounting technician that had already worked extensively in public practice. His portfolio continues to grow as he takes accounting information all the way to financial statements using Caseware. He has added NewViews to the list of accounting software that he is able to use. He is currently pursuing his designation as a CPA through a program with the United States.



Amanda Blosser

In 2004 Amanda took the bookkeeping role for a number of clients. Previously she received a Certificate in Office Administration from Seneca College. Since then she has developed skills in NewViews and Quickbooks. She brings a positive attitude and hardworking ethic as she handles the complete set of books for her clients. While caring for a multitude of duties she has still been able to maintain an active role in charitable pursuits.